Strong and healthy eating

Healthy and lean is promoted by many fitness gurus’. Compared to the previous ‘skinny’ phase, which was unhealthy and unrealistic. Health promotion has taken over, and eating lean foods, high in healthy fats and protein are winning. Getting fit and gaining muscle mass is a hard but self-rewarding accomplishment. Starting with meal preparation is vital, … [Read more…]

Pizzas with a touch a class

Pizzas are very easy to make even if you don’t have a stone bake pizza oven, but the topping you choose can determine how posh your pizza is. Choosing high quality ingredients like goats cheese, quality peperoni, salami and minced beef can go a long way. Or if you’d like a luxury vegetarian pizza consider … [Read more…]

Using Meal Planning Platforms

Meal planning is something that has been a part of the strategy for creating a good diet for many years, but the opportunities that the internet provides makes it both straightforward and more effective. Pioneered by athletes and others who need a strict control over what they eat, meal planning platforms are becoming ever-more available … [Read more…]

Catering For a Private Function

If you are planning to hold a private function and are looking to impress your guests with a professional and courteous service with a well presented selection of catered foods and drink, it is a good idea to provide catering for your guests. When you are choosing a catering company, it’s best to hire one that … [Read more…]

Kitchen Supplies From IKEA

If your looking to purchase new kitchen supplies for your business or for home use, and are looking for a professional quality that’s durable and stylish, but don’t want to waste money on expensive and overpriced kitchenware from a specialist supplier, it may be a better idea to save money and look at what IKEA have … [Read more…]