When you think of a dinner party, you imagine guests seated round a beautifully decorated table, dressed in their finery, eating all manner of delicious treats. Well you might do. But what on earth do you do when it is your first dinner party?

The first thing to do is know how many guests are attending. If serving your very first dinner party, perhaps keep the guest list relatively light, so as not to have too much to worry about on the night.

Next, it is important to find out if there are any food allergies or dietary requirements of your guests – no use serving up a meat laden feast to a group of vegetarian friends! Also in with this important step is to figure out how much time you have to allow for the soiree – if it is going to be a full 5 course menu then of course more time will need to be set aside for preparation. If serving a more modest 3 course meal, then the time will be significantly less.