When you think of birthday food, it’s easy to allow your mind to think nibbles, buffet selection or party favourites, but what about thinking outside of the box for a change? Britain is a wonderful country because we’re rather multicultural, and you don’t have to wonder far in any town to see how diverse our restraints and take-out places are. One walk down your local high street could mean you pass an authentic Indian curry house, a classic French Restaurant, an American Diner or a traditional tapas bar.

Go Greek

More people are giving attention to Greek dishes like kebabs and meze barbecues. You can hire a team who specialises in this type of food so you give your guests wonderful fresh meats with beautiful bright vegetables and bold flavours. So your birthday in the park or garden can have a hint of Mediterranean! This is a relatively popular option during the spring and summer, but that’s not to say you can’t have this sort of dish in autumn or winter. If you do, you’ll just need to have some sort of cover in case it rains.


There’s something quite desirable about Jamaican food. It’s probably the unique flavours and spices, but it goes really well with British weather. If you’re looking for comfort food there are some wonderful goat curries and stews you can make, or if you want a more familiar ingredient you could opt for chickpeas, chicken, beef or lamb. There are many authentic Jamaican caterers spread out throughout the UK so it may not be as difficult as you think to find one that’s right for your party.


Indian food is another one that’s brimming with flavours unlike any other dish from across the globe. There’s a great deal of Indian culture in the UK and we’re fortunate enough o be bless with plenty of amazing Indian food caterers. Let’s say you need catering hire Milton Keynes, you only need to have a quick search or visit your local takeaway to see if they would be happy to carry out the task, or if they know someone who does.


What a wonderful country Italy is, and the food is quite spectacular. There is so much variety, whether that be pasta dishes, meat and vegetables or pizza. You will always leave the table feeling satisfied after an Italian, and again, there are always plenty of caterers in the UK who specialise in Italian food. You may also want to ask about the buffets which showcase different local specialties such as an assortment of fried vegetables, local cheeses and a marvelous selection of cured local meats including Prosciutto. Our mouths are already watering writing this blog post!

If you want something a little bit different to the generic party packs in your local supermarket, hire a caterer and choose a country or theme of food for your party or event.