We all know the importance of eating healthy foods. With children being taught in schools how healthy foods are the best for them and they should be eaten at any time. But what they are not always made aware of is the importance of eating a balanced diet. Whilst it is all good for them to eat healthy foods, they also need the calories, fat and other goodness from slightly unhealthier foods.

So, whilst it is best to have healthy snacks, remind your children that they can eat an unhealthy treat during the day.

To ensure that your children are eating the right foods, you can implement some of these ideas. Introducing a sticker chart, where they place food stickers that relate to what they have eaten. Meaning you will be able to clearly see when they have eaten their 5 portions of fruit and veg, as well as their unhealthy snack. You can also create their very own snack trays, to know they are eating the best snacks for them.