There is a lot of information out there about how to prepare a balanced meal, so much so in fact, that actually following all of the advice is very difficult.

Until quite recently, there was a lot of talk about having a high amount of grain produce in your diet, say, two thirds of a meal, being a healthy option, but more recently there has been some dispute over this “fact.

Many people believe that the biggest proportion of your food, as much as one half of any meal, should be dedicated solely to fruit and vegetables; with the other half being split evenly between protein and grains. This diet gives a far better representation of what we as a species ate in our shared genealogical past.

The same dietitians whom claim that having grain based diet is a good thing also claim that having fat is bad for you. More recent nutritional studies show that, in fact, having lots of fat in the diet so that you get energy from that rather than from grains and processed sugars is the best thing for your overall health.