Will Dieting Work For You?

There comes a point in our lives where we are not happy with our body. Some people want to gain weight and others wish to lose weight. When this thought occurs the main way we can solve this is by dieting. However, dieting does not work for everyone. Going on a diet can be extremely … [Read more…]

Encouraging Children To Try New Foods

Children can sometimes be some of the pickiest of eaters, but some can be super willing to try new foods. How can we encourage are not so willing children to try new foods? One of the best ways to encourage your child to try new foods is by offering them a selection. Maybe have a … [Read more…]

Benefits Of Eating Out

We all love going out for food. Whether this is breakfast, lunch or dinner. But what are the benefits of eating out? One of the main benefits of eating out is that it gives you the possibility to try new foods. There may be something on the menu you have always wanted to try but … [Read more…]

Best Kinds Of Birthday Cakes For Children

We all know children can be picky eaters, so what are some of the best kinds of cakes for children? One of the main types of cake is chocolate cake. This is an all-round favourite for any children. It may seem basic but children love it. You shouldn’t hear any complaints about this cake. Another … [Read more…]

Children’s Parties – Catering For All

We all know how difficult it is when hosting a children’s birthday party! How do you cater for everyone? Some children are picky eaters. I’m going to share some ideas with you on how to cater to everyone! Buffet style is your best option when catering for children’s parties. Sit down meals with a set … [Read more…]