We’ve all been there and we’ve all seen it. Children absolutely love snacks! If they could they would eat little snacks all day long and not want any big meals. So, what are some of our best snack hacks for children?

Snack Trays
One of the best ways to limit the number of snacks that your child has in a day is to introduce snack trays. This is essentially a tray especially for them that will be full of snacks. These are the snacks that you are happy for them to have throughout the day. They will be able to help themselves, but you must make them realise that these are their only snacks, once they’re gone, they’re gone. A snack tray can help you to limit snacks, which in turn should help you to save money.

Healthy Snacks
If your child is someone that likes to eat a lot of snacks, think about introducing more healthy snack options. This way they are still able to enjoy a good snack, but it will be better for their body and one of their five a day. Introducing healthy snacks will help them to begin to enjoy healthy foods and potentially snack less. We would recommend offering more healthy snack options than unhealthy ones. So four healthy options with one unhealthy option per day for example.

Snack Time
Rather than having your child able to help themselves, you can also consider having a dedicated snack time. This is best for younger children as it is good to have them in a routine with their food habits. So offer them a snack at certain times of the day between their main meals, if they want it they can have it, if not they wait until their next meal.