Indonesian food is full of flavour and is sure to keep you satisfied. While we would all love to travel to Bali and have a Nasi Goreng made for us for a couple of pounds, you can make this delicious dish yourself at home.

Nasi Goreng certainly has a mixture of flavours including spiced, sweet and salty all at the same time, with simple ingredients:

Rice, honey, Soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, thinly chopped onion, garlic cloves, prawn paste, chopped chicken or pork and prawns. All of this added together and topped off with a fried egg and cucumber slices and red chillies.

So simple yet full of flavour, a great Indonesian meal option for a large group as a large batch can be made on a smaller budget. Guaranteed to please all those eating this great meal, so there is no better time to start planning your next group meal and make your own Nasi Goreng.