Catering for gluten free

When you’re catering for individuals with coeliac disease, it’s important to make sure you keep a very clean work station to ensure there is no cross contamination. A coeliac, for those of you who do not know, is an individual who has a common digestive condition where the small intestine becomes inflamed and unable to … [Read more…]

Making Stone Baked Pizza for Your Restaurant.

To experience the taste of perfectly cooked stone baked pizza, you do not need to travel all the way to Italy. The perfect dough for your pizza which would ensure a crispy and light pizza base: All you need is a kg of strong white bread flour, 1 tablespoon of fine sea salt, active dried … [Read more…]

Catering For a Private Function

If you are planning to hold a private function and are looking to impress your guests with a professional and courteous service with a well presented selection of catered foods and drink, it is a good idea to provide catering for your guests. When you are choosing a catering company, it’s best to hire one that … [Read more…]

An article on food preparation catering services

It`s never easy to choose and decide a particular catering service for a person, since all catering service companies have their different approach and service for different customers. Thus it is totally dependent on a customer as to what all he requires from a caterer. Firstly the customer must decide what exactly he wants from … [Read more…]