One of the main challenges with cooking meals comes after the dreaded washing up. No one wants to wash up all the equipment used, this is why one pot meals are a great alternative, and one of the easiest cooking methods.

As the name would suggest, this cooking method only uses one pot! Reducing the amount of washing up you are going to do after.

Some of our favourite one-pot meals include:

Casseroles, our favourites are chicken or sausage. But these can easily be cooked in one pot. Making for a delicious and extremely tasty dinner.

Pasta – there are also a lot of pasta dishes you can create in one pot. Simply choose your pasta and your sauce. Throw any extras in the pot and you have one simple, quick and easy ready in no time.

Finally, Rice Bowls are an excellent choice. Similar to pasta, throw in your chosen rice, sauce and extras into one pot and create a delicious meal. We like to include vegetables like pepper, spring onions and carrots with this dish.