A key to having a perfect chicken burger is to always go for the freshest ingredients, and your almost certainly guaranteed to taste the difference.

Then you have to add your passion into what your going to create, and have a flare of creativity with some give or take when putting together ingredients; following a recipe and carefully measured amounts is not how you create something perfect, it’s always best to go with what you feel is best, like a little more or a little less of something to match your tastes.

Before we start it’s worth a mention that you should use your creativity to create a perfect marinade sauce that you will be using for the chicken breast, and if you need any ideas on what to do then just use Google and go from there; experiment with a few things, but make sure that your marinade sauce is not overpowering to the point where it will overpower the other tastes of the burger you’re going to create.

Step One – Gather Ingredients: Get the fresh ingredients from the store:

Fresh Chicken breasts, that are of good quality.
Vine ripened tomatoes that are the freshest, plump and of a medium size
Fresh crispy salad leaves; usually Florette brand are the best.
Fresh bread buns; nice and soft.
Small block of unsalted butter
Small slab of mild cheddar; usually Cathedral City is the best (The Cheese is optional).
Ingredients for the marinade sauce (whatever ingredients are required for sauce you chose to create)

Step Two – The marinade: Get the ingredients you chose and start creating the marinade sauce, then when you are done put it in a zip-lock bag or sealable container ready to add the chicken breasts.

Then wash the Chicken breasts and add them to the zip-lock bag or sealable container that has the marinade sauce in it, then seal and refrigerate for a few hours so it can marinade in the sauce you created.

Step Three – Preparation: After a few hours you can start preparing the other ingredients so they are nice and fresh from the moment you open the packs.

Take out a small handful of the salad leaves and put them in a colander and wash them in cold water briefly. Then wash the tomato and slice even slice evenly. If you wanted cheese, then cut a few slices off and leave it ready for the next step.

Step FourGrilling the Chicken BreastsIf you have a George Foreman grill, or something similar then you can use that to grill the marinated chicken breast; grill until cooked thoroughly inside, and also slightly char-grilled on the outside.

Step Five Stacking the bun: Shortly before the chicken breast is done, start melting a small slice of butter onto the bun and spread when it is melted enough to spread. When the Chicken is done then add the grilled Chicken to the bun; alternatively if you like your burger bun slightly toasted you can put the sliced butter in the bun and then add the hot grilled chicken on top and grill the chicken in the bun together.

Then add the cheese on-top of the Grilled chicken if you wanted cheese, then add two or three slices of the tomato and pack the top half with the salad leaves and your done.

Step Six Extras: Once your burger is ready and served on a plate you can add some pan fried sea salted crisps from a pack as a side.