Tired of spending additional money every week at the grocery store on paper towels? Tired of throwing out what seems to be an endless amount of paper towels into the garbage everyday? Mom’s like me know how messy our children can be, constantly wiping up who knows what from every surface of the house! Do you want to keep your house looking clean, and contemporary?

Shabby Chic Tea Towels are the solution to your problems! These stylish tea towels have a vintage look to dress up your home, and the durability to wipe away all the messes your little youngsters throw your way! Not only are you cleaning in style, but also decreasing the amount of paper that goes straight to our landfills every day!

18 million tonnes of garbage ends up in landfills every year, with 80% having the potential to be recycled! Recycling is not limited to rinsing out your glass and plastic, and putting it out with the recyclables. You can make the change to cloth now to reduce paper towel waste in our landfills, and save trees by decreasing the frequency of purchasing paper products!

Switching from paper towels to cloth is easy! Here are some tips on how to get started:

You can start by picking up a few Shabby Chic Tea Towels to get your supply going. Just choose a few patterns you love to start with! If you are a little tight on funds in the beginning, that’s okay! You can always add on, and build your collection with time, it’s that easy!

Keep your stash somewhere easy to reach. A drawer or closet in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room is a great place to have them on hand! These tea towels are too cute not to show off to all your other friends, so display a few on your kitchen counter, hanging from the oven or refrigerator, and hanging the bathroom to dry your hands with, so everyone can enjoy them!

Now it’s time to wipe up your kitchen counters! You just finished prepping and serving lunch for the kids, so it’s time to clean up that mess and make your house sparkle once again. As you go for the paper towels, pause, and remember – your new tea towels are not only cute, but they serve a purpose! They can wash and wipe up surfaces, dry your dishes, wipe away residual food on your child, and be tossed in the laundry for easy clean up. Six trees per year are thrown away in your rubbish bin from paper products!

Cleaning up, the least favoured part of the day! It’s now simple! They are small enough to be tossed in with any load of laundry, so you don’t have to dedicate an entire load to cleaning your tea towels! They dry relatively fast, so it’s not time very time consuming. As stated earlier, keeping a few on hand is a good idea so that while you are washing some of your collection, you still have more to handle what messes life throws at you next!