Most of us know and understand what has to happen in order for us to have meat there ready for us to buy in the stores, though most might not know how it’s done, or even want to know. If you did know it could affect your eating habits regarding meat; that would result in a loss of sales, so it’s not in the best interests of the industry to promote that kind of image to the world. Instead we practice sheer ignorance and take the meat we are to consume for granted, and they make money off that.

The habits of many people is to consume large quantities of meat as part of their diet, and overall it’s not healthy for the brain or body, and more and more animals have to be slaughtered so we can have that meat to consume.

So if you are going to eat meat you should know where to draw the line and limit what you eat so it becomes a matter of sustenance, rather than a want to eat. Basically, what this means is that a person would eat fish and one type of meat only, in conjunction with fruits and veg as part of their diet, even if their choice has became limited.

They should not really worry about the animals that has to be culled so they can eat, it’s about sustenance more than anything else, and everything is energy at the end of the day and is at least alive in some way; plants are alive yet we eat them.

Eat healthy, have a balanced diet, and minimise the impact on the world you have with your diet regarding the consumption of meat.