If you’re a coffee lover, then you would’ve probably seen the influx on espresso machines on the market today. The number of models, varieties, brands and massive price ranges has meant that this market has appealed to the majority of people residing in the UK – or ones who love coffee.

Espresso machines can come in a variety of formats and use different methods of processing coffee, either in a pod format where you can buy these directly from the manufacturer or the purchasing of small bags of ground coffee using a pressurised method.

Either or the cost of enjoying your perfect coffee be it either a flat white or cappuccino, home owners in the UK can now enjoy this privilege right from their own home.  Combined this with the built in milk frother which forces hot air through a nozzle, some users have mentioned that they can’t taste the difference between Starbucks Coffee and their own! – No more paying for £3.99 cuppa!