With the warmer evening upon us, there is no better time to start inviting your friends and family around for a summertime BBQ. While the meat, buns and side dishes are all sorted, it’s time to put together a couple of easy yet tasty desserts.

Everyone loves a dessert, and during the warmer months you certainly don’t want anything warm and heavy. Lights sponges and summer fruits tend to go down well, with a fruit platter and a selection of yogurts and honey dressings is a favourite and is definitely the easiest option.

If you don’t mind preparing the day before, you may want to make a fruit trifle or a fruit sponge cake. Both of these have a small number of ingredients and are simple to put together, they just taste better once chilled overnight. So now you have no excuse to skip dessert, as these simple ideas will work perfectly for all the family, even the fussy eaters.