Kaeng in Thailand means curry, as well as it implies the cooking procedure of blending different sorts of vegetables with fluid like water or coconut drain. It can be hot or non-zesty or a veggie lover or non-vegan dish like soup, stew or curry.

In Thailand, there are 2 main types curries; green or red: Kaeng Jued and Kaeng Ped. Ped truly implies hot and Jued implies boring. Kaeng Jued as a rule alludes to non-fiery soup dishes. Kaeng Jued dishes are typically involve juices, vegetables and meat.

In Thai cooking, a few recipes would include Chinese cellery or white radish within the stewing to add more sweetness to the soup. The stewed juices at that point will be utilized as a part of an alternate sort of Kaeng Jued. A typical approach to make Kaeng Jued is to 1) allow stock to bubble 2) include meat, 3) include vegetables and 4) include flavouring. Kaeng Ped dishes follow the same stewing process, but include lots of spices to enhance the hot flavour.