Everyone loves a dessert, and what better than a creamy cheesecake with a tasty biscuit base. Cheesecakes are a popular dessert option for a large group, they are relatively easy to make and everyone can be cut a slice.

Cheesecakes can be made in a variety of flavours, so it is not unheard of to have a variety of flavour options at a party. If you are after a more traditional flavour, you may which to have a plain cheesecake with a strawberry compote on top.

For those after an alternative flavour, you could add lemon or orange zest to bring a real summertime taste to your pallets.

There are some slightly naughtier options too, such as chocolate cheesecake with added chocolate chips and a rich chocolate biscuit base. Yum! If you fancy experimenting with the traditional biscuit based, you could try and brownie style base with a cookie dough topping.