Smoothies are becoming a popular addition to people’s diet as they are not only tasty, they are healthy and filling too. Making a tasty, healthy smoothie to sustain your hunger until dinner may be just what you need to stop you binging or snacking or naughty foods.

Our top three smoothie ideas are:

Peanut and banana smoothie- For a real filling smoothie, this one is perfect. It works great as a post workout smoothie too, as it is full of protein and vitamins to keep your energy levels up for the rest of the day.

Avocado, mint and dark chocolate– For those that love a chocolate fix, this combination is a winner. The avocado provides you with healthy fats, while the chocolate and mint complement each other perfectly, giving you a tasty smoothie for any time of day.

All the berries- A summertime favourite or for those that love all types of berries. This fruit burst in well bursting with flavours and will keep your hunger at bay for a good few hours.